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Collaborative Family Law

Loreen  joined the association of Collaborative Family Lawyers (Edmonton) in 2004.  Her goal in joining the association was to educate and empower people to make decisions during their separation that minimizes the negative impact of separation on children and reduces the destruction of property that was accumulated during a relationship.

Loreen's experience guides clients through the Collaborative Family Law process to have them explore all options, examine interests and discover what is important to them on the family for the future.  As well, she strives to help a client build their confidence to maintain the family and themselves in a very difficult and emotional time.  Loreen enjoy the team approach to working on a plan that protects the children from separation and provides for the family's financial, emotional and social needs.  ​Every family is unique, difficulties that families face are unique and therefore the solutions that are reached need to be unique as well.  Loreen thrives on the challenge of balancing everyone's needs yet structuring a solution that maximizes financial stability.  She is especially motivated in a agricultural community and business environment where many clients concerns are special and require thinking "outside the box".  There is no standard agreement possible and to force one can often be too high a risk.  

​Loreen understands that how you separate, matters.  Therefore she works for the clients to formulate a plan to ensure the financial risks are reduced if not eliminated.​What is important to Loreen is that everyone has a voice including each partner and the children.  The solution is best created when everyone is acting in good faith with honesty and integrity in reaching solutions.  This will maximize the best interests of everyone.

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